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Wodehouse is engaged in real estate asset ownership & development under its brand, Bloomith. The focus is on real estate asset classes such as hospitality, commercial & other yielding real estate asset classes. The company’s approach involves acquisition of distressed operating commercial properties, acquisition of brownfield / under construction commercial properties and acquisition of distressed debt of both operating and under construction commercial properties. Bloomith also undertakes integrated greenfield commercial developments comprising of F&B outlets, hotels, supermarkets, party plots and other commercial & retail asset sub classes

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Wodehouse provides recruitment services in association with Oman Agencies, a leading overseas manpower recruitment company. Oman Agencies is a 50 year old company that provides staffing & recruitment solutions to leading corporations in more than 30 countries worldwide. Oman Agencies specializes in recruiting manpower from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, and a number of other countries in Middle East, Asia and Africa. While Oman Agencies provides recruitment solutions, Wodehouse provides supplementary human resource services such as facilitation of training & skills upgradation, visa services, consulting services, providing access to finance for recruitment candidates, etc.

best Private companies to invest in
best Private companies to invest in

Wodehouse provides various human resource related services such as training & development, consultancy and facilitation services to its clients, who are mainly skilled and unskilled professionals. It conducts various language training courses, skill development courses & undertakes performance management for its clients in these courses. Wodehouse also guides in the registration of the clients with all the relevant authorizing bodies in his/her home country and in their destination country of employment. It also provides access to the requisite finance to its clients and thus helps in arranging the necessary financing for its clients. Wodehouse also helps in making travel arrangements and also assists in visa application process for its clients. It also takes care of the post landing services along with general consultation and other facilitation services

best Private companies to invest in

Wodehouse is a global conglomerate with businesses in real estate development & acquisitions, human resource solutions, training, consulting & facilitation. Wodehouse is one of the really good startup companies to invest in right now, with sound business models with presence in high growth markets. the management has experience in global investment banking, capital markets, human resource consulting and real estate development & acquisitions.  

Wodehouse is one of the great startups to invest in. This private company is affiliated with three top brands namely:

  1. Oman Agencies, which provides human resource solution to companies worldwide.
  2. Bloomith, which is real estate/property Investment Company.
  3. Wodehouse, which provides human resource training, consultation & facilitation.